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 We provide a complete insurance broking and risk management service providing you with the opportunity to reduce insurance costs and reduce operational risks.

Solider Insurance Agency was formed in the year 2010. It is a wholly owned privet business licensed by the Ministry of Commerce to act as an Insurance Agency and offices have been acquired in the Al Aziziyh area of Doha. Our commercial registration number is 36447/1.
Staffing comprises of a mixture of both local and international staff with experience in commercial insurance.

The key people are:
        Asherf Al Gendy - General Manager.
        Ahmed Rabah - Business Development Manager.
        Ola Abed Al-Majeed- Client Account executive

        • Motor Insurance
        • Life and health Insurance
        • Marine and Aviation Insurance
        • Fire and General Accidents
        • Personal and Professional Liability Insurance
        • Money / Bankers Insurance
        • Engineering Insurance
        • Personal Insurance